Hallberg Merit Award

I am honored to be one of the 4 recipients of the annual Hallberg Merit Awards given each fall at Sierra College! 

For the past six years the Hallbergs have donated a $2000 annual gift to award to four Sierra College art students for their hard work and commitment. Ed and Kaylene leave the selections wholly to Sierra College instructors. There are no strings attached to the monies what so ever.

These awards are directed to students that have moved through Sierra’s art program and positively reflect the department.

We have a reception and brief award ceremony at the start of each Fall semester. Ed and Kaylene intend their gifts to further and purely enrich each student’s creative desires and future plans.

The show features the work of all 4 artists and will be up at Sierra College through December. After that, a selection of the works will be on display at the Blue Line Gallery in Roseville from Jan 9 - Feb 7, 2015.

The 15 pieces I have on display are from my explorations in Printmaking over the past 7 months. There are woodcuts, collagraphs, monotypes, and monoprints in both ink and encaustic.

"The Queen's Mirror" - monoprint (encaustic, ink, collage) by  Dawn Blanchfield 2014

"The Queen's Mirror" - monoprint (encaustic, ink, collage) by  Dawn Blanchfield 2014

Stop by campus and check out all the amazing work!

Updated to add:

The Artist Reception was amazing. Thank you to all who made it out to support the 4 of us. Here is a video of photos taken that night:

You still have time to see the show. It was be up at Sierra until mid-December before moving to Blue Line. 

Alternative Lifestyles

Wow, my last post was in August right after the opening of my show. You may think I am quite the slacker, but that is not the case. I just moved out of heavy internet promotion mode back into school/making art mode. I gotta admit, I like this better.

A couple weeks after the show opening, the fall semester started at Sierra College. I am only taking one class and it happens to be the best class ever! The class I have been waiting for all these years. The first of its kind at Sierra:

Photo 92 -  Alternative Processes!

And the angels sang!

Before I go any further, maybe a brief explantion of what alternative processes are would be helpful. Basically we are making prints outside of the darkroom by coating watercolor/printmaking paper with various chemical solutions and then laying a negative on top and exposing the print in the sun or a UV box. FUN!

These are contact prints, so the final image is only as large as the negative you use, so you really need to have a large format camera. (I'm giving you links - learn as much as you like!) And so we would have negatives to work with, we started the class by building our own 4x5 cameras!


And while that was fun to build, I didn't have a lot of success shooting it. Hard to focus, no shutter, and I was using lith film which is like ISO 8. Fortunately we have now moved on to making digital negatives and I am getting better results with my prints.

Processes we have done so far are:



On the left is a cyanotype photogram. On the right a 4x5 negative. Not a great example, move along please.



The left print was made with an emultion of blackberries and the right print was made with pansy petals. Exposure time was 1 week for these!

Gum Bichromate:


Man, I have had no luck with my gum prints. This was my first print and an experiment using acrylic paint instead of watercolors. Now that I have some better negatives to use, I will try again in the coming weeks.

Lumen Prints


These are pretty fun and easy to do, just photograms on regular darkroom photo paper. The top two images are on B&W paper, while the bottom two are on color paper.

Salt Prints


Salt prints! Be still my heart...

After all the grief gum printing has given me, it was nice to finally have some sucesses with a new process. Using digital negative created specifically for the salt process, I am getting beautiful results!

Today we started working with Liquid Emulsion. As you might have guessed, I am loving this class! The semester is going to end too soon.

If you want additional information about any of these processes and more, the Alternative Photography website is a treasure trove of information. Also, I have been posting my scanned prints to flickr. You can check out the set here.

In other news, I had one of my submission accepted in the annual juried show "Twelve: Square" at Viewpoint Photographic Art Center. Show dates December 5, 2012 to January 5, 2013. See you then!