Kick out the jams!

Ladies and gentlemen…

Rock Show Card (1).jpg

Tomorrow, May 24th, the Rock Show opens at Blue Line Arts and I have two of my drawings included in the exhibit - punk legends Patti Smith and Henry Rollins

This is going to be a really fun show! The Opening Reception in June 15th, the week after my solo show reception. Unfortunately, I have the 2nd part of my periodontics surgery scheduled on the Wednesday between the 2 receptions. But I’ll be there - with rings on my fingers and a mouth full of stitches! #motrinismycopilot

So, June is going to be something! But I’ll worry about all of that tomorrow because tonight is Big Names Small Art at the Crocker Art Museum!!

History of Life

Show postcard. Want one? Shoot me your address!

Show postcard. Want one? Shoot me your address!

I finally stopped with the watercolors a couple weeks ago and started the oh so glamorous process of matting and framing all the pieces for my upcoming solo show. I’ve mentioned the show right? Yes, well I am kicking to-do list ass up in here, up in here.

Earworm. You’re welcome.

As you can see, I finally decided on a title - History of Life. After created several lists of potential titles and driving myself crazy, I settled on an evolutionary science term cause I’m nerdy like that and the show is including work spanning the last 3 years. When looked at chronologically, I can see the path I’ve been on and how my work has shifted and evolved over this time. The oldest of the paintings were done right before my last visit with my dad in June 2016. He passed away later that year. A shift. Color left and I painted only in black and white. Then I wasn’t painting at all. Embroidery, weaving prints, a dive back into printmaking, sewing, all while slowly moving through grief and depression. A random doodle while on hold and - shift - drawing. All the pens! Markers! Digital and analog. I participated in inktober and drew everyday. Then came the holidays, and surgeries, I left the pens behind and started drawing with the ink dropper. And one morning watercolors! And here we are, armed with windex and a mat cutter. Shift, and shift.


I started framing the drawings first and was immediately rewarded with a rush of happiness - things just look so damn good matted and framed!


I was framing a bit every morning and they were starting to stack up. Each new batch prompting a photo and a happy dance. I can’t wait to see all this work hung on walls!

And now that the framing is done, I’ve shifted again into the last phase of show prep mode. Yesterday I worked on the postcard. I still need to wire and label the the frames, come up with prices and titles, and … what else??

Lunch. I need to eat lunch.

Again with the words...

Well I finished my video game. There may have been tears - but you have no proof, so move along! There was a huge twist, a couple shocking and painful betrayals, and then an amazing ending that leaves you chomping at the bit for the next installment of the game! A quick google search assured me that it is in the works, although I didn’t watch the recently released trailer because there is only so much a girl can handle in one afternoon!

Of course I’ve since started the game over with a new character who will now make all the opposite big decisions to see what happens. It is strange how even the most off-handed comments from the companions takes on new meaning now…

But you didn’t come here for talk of video games -or did you? More geek less art? What about when worlds collide??



Fine. Art. ha!

I have a solo show in June at the Sacramento Poetry Center. Ta-da! ::hides paper bag I’ve been breathing into behind back::

I keep waking up with my brain running around in circles trying to decide on a show title. oh my god. my brain is so annoying! So I invited Bethanie (who’s fault this is, feel free to join me in shooting her dirty looks) over the other night to discuss details and what not. I had planned on showing all my recent drawing (and now the watercolors), but the Sac Poetry Center is a pretty big space and she suggested I hang some paintings too. I’m not sure that helped my head. So, now it’s not just the drawings but all the things! I woke up this morning thinking all the thoughts!! The madness continues. So, I’ve got some work to do. And most of it revolves around not stressing myself the fuck out for shits and giggles. Cause that’s kinda what I do. Crap! What if she wants an artist statement??!!


Practical to-do list: purchase a lot of mats and frames. Stain sides of newest paintings. Buy more paper bags.

June 8th will be the 2nd Saturday reception. I’ll get more details up soon, but mark your calendars and come out and see the work in person - always so much better than the photos on little screens. You can see me too. We’ll talk nerdy things and it won’t be awkward at all. ::thud::