Additional July shows

Turns out I have work in two more shows this July. 4 pieces in 4 different galleries -  not too shabby! 

I have a new painting in the annual FRIDA SHOW at Studio 10 in Arthouse on R. This show will run through August 11th. 

And I also have a small collage  - and I mean small! 1.5 inch square small - in the MicroArtCollection - Part III at DaDas Art Gallery Boutique in East Sacramento. This part of the MicroArtCollection will be up through Aug 5th. 

So, you've got 4 weeks or so to check out 4 awesome Sacramento galleries. Ready... go! 

oh right, this also happened - I had a poem (I'm not a writer!!) published in Dime Show Review. I'm not sure how I feel about this. 

Members Only


Trendy jacket from the 80s (I hear they are back!) or how I'm getting some art out into the world this summer? 

Well, with the temperatures already hitting the triple digits here in northern California, I don't think I'll be needing a jacket, so I'll just participate in a couple gallery member shows over the summer months. I think that is a better fit for me. And the galleries are always air conditioned!


First up I will have a photographic print  - a gold toned kallitype self-portrait to be exact - at Viewpoint Gallery:

Silver Anniversary Members' Exhibit

Exhibit Dates: Wednesday, Jul. 6 to Saturday, Aug. 6

Artist Reception (Member Event): 

Friday, Jul. 8, 2016 - 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm

2nd Saturday Opening (General Public): 

Saturday, Jul. 9, 2016 - 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm


And then a couple weeks later a mixed media collage at Blue Line Arts:

Membership Medley

Exhibit Dates: Friday, Jul. 15 to Saturday, Aug. 20

3rd Saturday Reception:

Saturday, Jul. 16, 2016 - 6:00pm to 9:00pm


There are a couple more upcoming shows I plan on entering in the coming months. I'm hoping to get that damn pie out in the world! My Fiber Arts class is over, but I'm still thinking and working in that vein - needle, thread, and dye have firmly pushed the paints aside for now. I do have an collage workshop coming up though so I'll keep my glue stick handy. 


Not Sacramento

I have a busy week ahead of me with 2 art deliveries for shows not in Sacramento!

Tomorrow I have to drop off my painting "Songs from the Void" at Blue Line Arts in Roseville for the 2015 Member's Melody show. Roseville. So close!

Even more exciting is that the gallery is including a "Mini Members" show in the children's gallery at the same time. My 8 yo daughter, Erin, will have her latest painting "Sunset" on display! 

How kick ass is that?

3rd Saturday Reception is July 18th 7-9pm.  Come out and see both our paintings hanging in the same gallery. 

On Wednesday I have to deliver another piece, but this time I'm heading way out of town to Benecia in the SF Bay area. I am thrilled to have my collage "Side Effects" accepted in the "Fragments: the Art of Collage and Assemblage" show juried by Robert-Jean Ray.

Opening Reception is Saturday, Aug 1st 7-9pm.

95 artists! I'm sure it will be worth the drive.