State Fair Awards Ceremony

So, in triple digit heat (and against everyone's better judgement) Chris, Erin, and I went to the California State Fair last Saturday for the Fine Arts Exhibit Awards Ceremony.

I picked up my Merit Award ribbons and received the Viewpoint Photographic Art Center Award for Color Photography for "Madonna and Child"! And from the Exhibit Catalog:

Juror's Statement

The color photograph Madonna and Child references 16th century ecclesiastical artwork. This artist usea a Madonna paired with a cherubic-baby doll and a Renaissance-color palette to create a double-take piece of hyperbole that is a thought provoking and imaginative piece. - Sharmon Goff

Find a nice cool day (at least below 100 degrees!) and go to the fair before it closes on the 29th!

Dear Dawn, Congratulations!

Today's mail was full of win!

The 2 photographs accepted in the Fine Art Exhibit at the California State Fair both  won Merit Awards!! And the photo "Madonna and Child" also won the Viewpoint Photographic Art Center Award!


Hot damn people, that feels good.

And now we know when I'll be going to the fair - Saturday July 21st at 11:00am. Let's cross our fingers for a high of no more than 85 degree that day.