Dear Dawn, Congratulations!

Today's mail was full of win!

The 2 photographs accepted in the Fine Art Exhibit at the California State Fair both  won Merit Awards!! And the photo "Madonna and Child" also won the Viewpoint Photographic Art Center Award!


Hot damn people, that feels good.

And now we know when I'll be going to the fair - Saturday July 21st at 11:00am. Let's cross our fingers for a high of no more than 85 degree that day.

To market, to market

Sorry. No pig. Although, if someone were to offer me some bacon I certainly wouldn't refuse!

But we are getting off point. (that was fast!) I have a show coming up and I need to starting promoting it. And second on my "Do Not Like/Am Not Good At" list is self-marketing. (1st place going to the always dreaded Artist Statement). You would think that being a Leo I would be much more enamored with talking about myself, but no. Hate it. Oh well, honey-badger don't care. It is time to put on my big girl panties and get to work.

So, expect more blog posts and links to said posts on Facebook and Twitter. And since not everyone participates in social media, I have decided to create an newsletter to send out with news and show information. I've put a signup link on both website and blog. There is also a signup link on my Facebook page. Here is another:

Handy. So sign up and stay informed! I'm also going to be sending out the link in an email so if you are seeing/getting duplicate requests during this initial email list set-up, I apologize.

And while I have you here, let me share some more good news with you. I had 2 photographs accepted in the Fine Arts Exhibit at the California State Fair!

2 more statements to write.


Let's recap:

Sign up for the newsletter.

Viewpoint solo show is Aug 8- Sept 1, 2012

CA State Fair Fine Arts Exhibit July 12-29, 2012

You can still see the 20/20 show at Kennedy Gallery until the end of the month.

Now go forth and enjoy your holiday weekend!


It's all about your Viewpoint

So. That bigs news I've been sitting on the past 2 months? It turns out the phone call from Ellen at Viewpoint wasn't just a dream - the rumors are true and the cat is out of the bag. I am having a solo show at Viewpoint's Step Up Gallery next year!!

//takes several deep breaths



Either in August or October of 2012. That gives me half a year to get everything done. No sweat. ha! And if you just don't want to have to wait that long, I just found out yesterday that I had one of my submissions accepted in Viewpoint's annual juried show Twelve: Parallels. So you'll be able to see two of my new images in December!

Oh! And as if that isn't enough, I was the 'New Member' interviewee in the latest Viewpoint newsletter. Why yes, I am a bit overwhelmed right now. Overwhelmed, extremely happy, and damn proud.